It’s not that you can’t do it all. It’s that there isn’t always enough time or manpower. Discover how TruBridge IT consulting and solutions can take on routine tasks, extend your capabilities and simplify your IT operations by moving key functions offsite.

Put your technology budget to better use. Instead of struggling to simply keep things running smoothly, let TruBridge can bring ease and efficiency to an often overworked department. From data backup and recovery and routine IT help to cloud hosting, you’ll get more done, more easily and with less disruption to your organization.

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Cloud Hosting Service

Not all healthcare organizations possess the IT infrastructure they truly need. With TruBridge Cloud Hosting, you can grow in response to business demands without having to grow your IT department. We’ve built our cloud to be highly scalable, available, robust and secure. That means you’ll be able to do more, even while your IT staff focuses on more high-value projects.

Backup and Recovery

Be prepared for the worst—practically, efficiently and effectively. Our cloud-based backup and recovery solutions can safeguard electronic health records as well as critical enterprise data. You’ll only have one expert vendor to contact. In the wake of a disaster, this could easily save you hours, if not days. You’ll also be assured of full, on-demand HIS data recovery, guaranteeing complete system protection.

Systems Management

Gain the skills of a team of highly trained professionals without adding to your onsite staff. From network and server administration to active directory management, we’ll help with all aspects of daily IT operations to improve staff productivity. Save time, save money and discover how much more your IT department can accomplish.

Collaboration and Connectivity

Protect sensitive information without blocking communication. From email to web hosting and network access, TruBridge provides confidence that all security and privacy concerns are being met at the same time vital connectivity allows clinicians to collaborate on patient care. This best-of-both-worlds solution maintains efficiency without sacrificing privacy.

IT Consulting

Get the clear answers you need now as you prepare to meet future challenges. Our consultants consider anticipated requirements for compliance, data management and capacity, as well as your available resources and existing capabilities. Relax knowing that you have a solid plan in place along with 24-hour support.

IT Help Desk

Supplement your busy IT staff and let TruBridge handle the help desk function. All calls are personally handled by dedicated professionals with direct experience supporting healthcare technology. This cost-effective solution enhances productivity across your entire organization and increases employee satisfaction.