Whether you’re struggling to manage payments, held back by staffing issues or dealing with systems that can’t keep up with demands, TruBridge offers the people, products and processes you need to get back to the tasks that matter most.

Denial Management Program

Increase revenue and maximize efficiency without all the headaches

Extended Business Office

Reduce denials and increase your paid claims, with our team as your team’s backup

Complete Business Office (CBO)

Get paid more, get more done

Take control of your revenue cycle

Whether you’re looking to benefit from an end-to-end solution, want to get paid faster or want to get paid more, TruBridge Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) technologies can help ease workflow while improving your bottom line. There are multiple ways to select TruBridge products, including our HFMA Peer Reviewed® RCM suite of applications and our à la carte RCM products.

“TruBridge took the time to understand our processes and knew exactly what we needed to do to improve”

– Kelly Ann Speckman, CFO, Kearny County Hospital


increase in self-pay cash collections *average net increase with Early Out Service

Optimize operations with flexible hospital workforce staffing solutions

Most organizations experience shifts in hospital workforce staffing needs from time to time. Besides being stressful, this can also chip away at your bottom line. Ease staffing fluctuations with carefully tailored solutions.

See what else you can accomplish with increased efficiency

When things run more smoothly, everything from productivity to patient satisfaction is enhanced. Introduce time- and money-saving solutions to your organization and soon you’ll be able to turn your attention to more pressing initiatives.

With Business Intelligence Dashboard, we can see our data at a glance, then drill down as necessary.

In the wake of a disaster, TruBridge Disaster Recovery Service could easily save you hours, if not days.

Keep your data where it belongs

Your organization runs on data. Making sure it can be accessed by the right people, and never by the wrong ones, is critical. Discover how TruBridge can help reduce risk and securely manage your IT resources.