Making healthcare data available to those who need it—from clinicians to the business office and everywhere in between—is critical to your healthcare organization. Just as critical is making sure that data remains secure.

Secure your healthcare data with TruBridge. Our robust yet scalable solutions go beyond identifying potential risk to effectively reducing it. So you and your organization can feel comfortable knowing your data is there for one reason only—to help you serve your patients.

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Security Service

Medical data is one of your most sensitive commodities. Along with being responsible for its accuracy, you must also ensure that only those with a legitimate need can access it. Our multifaceted security solutions cover end-point and perimeter security as well as the creation and enforcement of security policies. Gain confidence for your staff along with peace of mind for the people you serve with a custom solution from TruBridge.

Risk Assessment

Keep your facility safe from vulnerability. Detecting and managing security risks—not to mention evolving regulatory compliance—is a complicated process. TruBridge offers risk-mitigation strategies from the ground up. Our experienced consultants will identify and prioritize security gaps, then develop a range of strategic options to mitigate them. It’s the smart way to protect your data, avoid penalties, and rest easy.