Revenue Cycle Outsourcing

High-quality, patient-centered care is the key mission of all healthcare providers. TruBridge clears the way for care with an arsenal of outsourced revenue cycle management services. Our Peer Reviewed by HFMA® services offer flexible, transparent solutions focused on exceeding expectations and enabling you to do what you do best: caring for your patients.

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Interim Staffing

Don’t let staffing fluctuations keep you from moving forward. TruBridge can alleviate temporary needs to ensure your RCM operations stay on track. Our collective of experienced professionals range from HIM staff to business management. Whether you’re facing a personnel change or a skill shortage, get the expert revenue cycle help you need, when you need it.

Denial Management Program

Increase cash collection with this customizable, three-step approach designed to help you take control of your denied claims. We’ll evaluate your entire claims process from start to finish to uncover the root causes of your denials, then help you eliminate them. By partnering closely with you, TruBridge will help you maximize reimbursement for all the care you provide.

Early Out Service

See a 37% average increase in your private pay revenue stream with this transparent financial management solution that covers every function required to bolster this key element of your revenue cycle . Our goal is to not only strengthen your cash position but also your reputation for compassionate care.

Insurance Follow-Up Service

Get paid for all of the work your healthcare facility does. TruBridge billing teams will review claims that have aged out 30, 60, 90 or more days. We’ll handle all of the time-consuming tasks—calling, refiling, reviewing of the audit history, and more—to get the claim processed and paid. You’ll start seeing overdue payments come in faster, all without overwhelming your staff with busy work.

Contract Management Service

Don’t let a contract discrepancy impede cash flow. Get the reimbursements you’re owed. Let TruBridge scrutinize your contracts, claims and reimbursements to ensure that every third-party payer meets its obligations. When appeals are necessary, you’ll benefit from our long experience as a client advocate. When you let experts take on this time-consuming task, you can maximize reimbursement without overburdening your own staff.

Complete Business Office (CBO)

Increase cash collections by more than 13% and reduce A/R days up to 24% without having to hire or train additional staff. We’ll work with you to design a cost-effective solution that delivers more cash more easily so you can better serve your community. You’ll get more done with built-in workflow efficiencies AND get paid more without overburdening your staff.

Revenue Cycle Assessment

Find out what’s impacting your financial potential — and what to do about it — with this deep audit that results in an actionable plan you can put to work right away. This powerful and objective evaluation assesses all people, products and processes that impact your organization’s revenue cycle. Your problem areas will be revealed along with achievable next steps for strengthening your bottom line.

Intake Management Service

Reduce outstanding patient balances along with staff workload. Now you can better prepare patients for scheduled services AND boost your cash flow at the same time. Get more done sooner rather than later, from verifying eligibility to collecting payment upfront. The result is a smoother process, cleaner claims and a healthier bottom line.

A/R Recovery Work Down Service

Turn potential write-offs into cash. Our collections experts will handle all the time-consuming details necessary to work your aging small balance co-pays and low-dollar insurance claims. Achieve your collections goals—like establishing a consistent cash flow or increasing cash on hand to cover expenses—with solutions tailored to meet your organization’s precise needs.

Medical Coding Service

Avoid delayed payments and claim denials. Get it done right the first time with a solution tailored to your specific needs—inpatient, outpatient, ED or any combination. Improve your cash flow with the help of experienced HIM business consultants guaranteed to provide high accuracy and quick turnaround times. Done right the first time frees up your staff for other important tasks.