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Providing high-quality, patient-centered care is healthcare’s key mission. TruBridge clears the way for that care with an arsenal of RCM products and services. Our suite of Peer Reviewed by HFMA® products offer flexible, transparent solutions focused on exceeding expectations and enabling you to do what you do best: caring for your patients.

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This integrated suite of financial management solutions and support is carefully constructed to enhance performance from patient registration to final collections. Discover a healthier bottom line with TruBridge.

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In the latest HFMA Peer Review Survey, 93% of respondents reported that the TruBridge RCM suite of applications “Exceeded Expectations” compared to the highest vendor average of 59%.1

Contract Management

Take control of your contract payments. Give your staff the tools they need to ensure proper reimbursement on every claim sent without performing time-consuming random audits. Turn monitoring and validating contractual reimbursements into a simple process. Stay on top of your contracts, ease routine workload, and enhance cash flow.


recovered in underpaid claims

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Patient Liability Estimates (PLE)

Improve your odds of getting paid faster and getting paid more with this key healthcare RCM tool. When you provide patients with approximate out-of-pocket expenses prior to service, you’ll maximize point-of-service collections and reduce bad debt, all while improving patient satisfaction. It’s a quick and easy way to avoid surprises, for your staff, your patients and your bottom line.

Eligibility Verification

Improve cash flow with on-demand eligibility verification. By integrating automated eligibility checking directly into the registration workflow, you’ll get a definitive answer within seconds. Not only will this reduce claim denials and carrier rejection, it also lightens workload and improves customer service.

Claim Scrubbing and Submission

Accelerate payments and reduce processing time with a single, robust system that results in a 97% first-pass clean claim rate. This automated solution works behind the scenes, identifying what needs to be changed before the claim is submitted. By taking the labor out of this task, your staff has time to work on other projects.


first-pass clean claim rate

Remittance Management

Get paid faster with the single-source, web-based solution that accepts and normalizes all 835 remittance data into compatible files for consistent electronic posting, regardless of which payer they were sent from. By eliminating manual keying, your staff will save time and effort, reduce posting errors and experience increased efficiency.

Denial and Audit Management

Get a handle on denials and speed reimbursement. With this single-system solution, you’ll increase efficiency with cross-departmental workflow management tools that will identify and resolve denied and audited claims. This automated system helps you get paid faster, increase productivity and decrease mindless paper-pushing.

$262 billion

is lost each year from insurance denials

Reporting and Data Mining

Stop wasting valuable time searching for buried data. This software solution reports on every financial detail of both claims and remits. Then it lets you view the data multiple ways via 350+ standard reports, 200+ drill-down graphs and unlimited ad hoc reporting. Improve efficiency and productivity with data that works for you.


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Deposit Bank Reconciliation

Simplify this routine task and save your staff time, again and again. Matching remits and deposits are automatically reconciled and any mismatches immediately flow into customized work queues for resolution. Improved efficiencies mean less time spent on tedious work and more time available for new initiatives.

  1. 1 Healthcare Financial Management Association’s (HFMA) 2019 Peer Review