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Put your facility on firmer financial footing with our HFMA Peer Reviewed® Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution. Maximize reimbursement , provide your staff with a thorough yet streamlined process and give your patients the transparent, convenient care they expect.

Simply get paid more when you work with the integrated TruBridge healthcare RCM. Discover how this full suite of financial management solutions and support can enhance your revenue cycle with its intuitive platform while maximizing the financial health and productivity of your healthcare organization.

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Price Transparency

When patients know what to expect, the more likely they are to pay. Let this proven EHR-agnostic price transparency solution help you quickly gain compliance with both parts of the mandate. Avoid fines and start seeing an increase in cash collections with this easy to implement solution that’s user-friendly for both staff and patients.

Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI)

Enhance quality of care along with reimbursements. Assuring the accuracy and consistency of documentation can be a challenge. Yet it’s the lifeblood for achieving high-quality care, regulatory compliance and accurate reimbursement. Now you’ll be able to identify oversights, engage and educate providers, and sustain improved documentation practices. Discover how one financial management program can benefit and improve so many aspects of your healthcare organization.

Denial Management Program

Increase cash collection with this customizable, three-step approach designed to help you take control of your denied claims. We’ll evaluate your entire claims process from start to finish to uncover the root causes of your denials, then help you eliminate them. By partnering closely with you, TruBridge will help you maximize reimbursement for all the care you provide.

Early Out Service

See a 37% average increase in your private pay revenue stream with this transparent financial management solution that covers every function required to bolster this key element of your revenue cycle . Our goal is to not only strengthen your cash position but also your reputation for compassionate care.

Medicaid Enrollment Service

Generate revenue growth and reduce bad debt write-offs without having to hire more staff. This process introduces workflow efficiencies even as it determines Medicaid eligibility, saving you the headaches that come with the difficult patient enrollment process. It’s a win-win solution that increases revenue for you and reduces the financial liability for your patients.

Contract Management Service

Don’t let a contract discrepancy impede cash flow. Get the reimbursements you’re owed. Let TruBridge scrutinize your contracts, claims and reimbursements to ensure that every third-party payer meets its obligations. When appeals are necessary, you’ll benefit from our long experience as a client advocate. When you let experts take on this time-consuming task, you can maximize reimbursement without overburdening your own staff.

Patient Liability Estimates (PLE)

Improve your odds of getting paid more with this key healthcare RCM tool. When you provide patients with approximate out-of-pocket expenses prior to service, you’ll maximize point-of-service collections and reduce bad debt, all while improving patient satisfaction. It’s a quick and easy way to avoid surprises, for your staff, your patients and your bottom line.

Chronic Care Management

Increase revenue along with the health of your Medicare patients with 2 or more chronic illnesses. Properly identifying this population helps improve care and outcomes, such as decreased hospitalization and ED visits. Plus it provides added wellness revenue for your health facility. This healthcare RCM solution will enhance your bottom line and help you provide the best care for some of your most vulnerable patients.

Contract Management

Take control of your contract payments. Give your staff the tools they need to ensure proper reimbursement on every claim sent without performing time-consuming random audits. Turn monitoring and validating contractual reimbursements into a simple process. Stay on top of your contracts, ease routine workload, and enhance cash flow.

Accounts Receivable Management Service (ARMS)

Increase cash collections by more than 13% and reduce A/R days up to 24% without having to hire or train additional staff. We’ll work with you to design a cost-effective solution that delivers more cash more easily so you can better serve your community. You’ll get more done with built-in workflow efficiencies AND get paid more without overburdening your staff.