Sooner, not later

Stop chasing after patient balances or, worse yet, writing them off.

Enhance your bottom line with upfront payments for scheduled services using Intake Management Service from TruBridge®.

This comprehensive solution will help:

  • Ease workload for your staff while increasing cash flow
  • Reduce costs associated with claim rejections and appeals
  • Decrease costs related to collecting patient balances and sending statements
  • Promote patient satisfaction

Intake Management Service will ensure that all necessary tasks required to ready patients for their scheduled procedures are completed. PLUS it will encourage patients to pay sooner rather than later.

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Verify eligibility

Reduce surprise rejections due to invalid insurance. You’ll also save time and money since fewer appeals will need to be filed.

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Obtain prior authorization

Reduce denials, along with the need to file for retro-authorizations. Then count on TruBridge to follow up on any pending authorizations through completion.

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Verify in-network/out-of-network status

Easily maintain compliance with the No Surprises Act.

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Create patient liability estimate

Patients are more likely to pay when they know what they owe ahead of time.

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Complete preregistration

Increase patient satisfaction by ensuring the check-in process is speedy and stress free. You’ll also avoid common claim rejections due to incorrect demographic information.

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Collect copays and deductibles

Enhance your organization’s financial health while freeing up your staff to focus on other areas of the revenue cycle.

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