Keep your operations on track regardless of staffing fluctuations. Our tailored services can alleviate this all too common frustration, whether it’s due to a personnel change, skill shortage or an increased workload.

Get expert help when you need it, for as long as you need it. With a deep resource of highly experienced professionals at our disposal, TruBridge delivers mission critical services for key operating areas in your organization. Less interruption to workflow helps keep your organization running as smoothly as possible.

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Interim Staffing

Don’t let staffing fluctuations keep you from moving forward. TruBridge can alleviate temporary needs to ensure your RCM operations stay on track. Our collective of experienced professionals range from HIM staff to business management. Whether you’re facing a personnel change or a skill shortage, get the expert revenue cycle help you need, when you need it.

Complete Business Office (CBO)

Increase cash collections by more than 13% and reduce A/R days up to 24% without having to hire or train additional staff. We’ll work with you to design a cost-effective solution that delivers more cash more easily so you can better serve your community. You’ll get more of what you bill without changing workflow AND get more done without increasing staff.

Early Out Service

Work with our experienced agents and see a 37% average increase in private pay cash receipts. They can help you set up payment arrangements, take payments over the phone, and answer any questions you may have. This transparent solution covers every function required to bolster this key element of revenue cycle management. It’s like having a private pay professional on staff, just a phone call away.

Insurance Follow-Up Service

Start seeing overdue payments come in faster, all without overwhelming your staff with busy work. Let TruBridge billing teams review claims that have aged out 30, 60, 90 or more days. We’ll handle all of the time-consuming tasks—calling, refiling, reviewing of the audit history, and more—to get the claim processed and paid. Because you deserve to get paid for all of the work you do.

Medical Coding Service

Get coding done right the first time with a full or partial coding outsourcing solution tailored to meet your specific needs—inpatient, outpatient, ED or any combination. You’ll avoid delayed payments and claim denials while improving cash flow with the help of experienced HIM professionals guaranteed to provide high accuracy and quick turnaround times. Done right the first time frees up your staff for other important tasks.

Contract Management

Stay on top of your contracts, ease routine workload, and enhance cash flow. Outsource the time-consuming process of monitoring and validating of contractual reimbursements. This will give your staff the tools they need to ensure proper reimbursement on every claim sent without performing time-consuming random audits. Take control of your contract payments with a simplified process.