TruBridge Encoder

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Are your coders completely confident in the codes they’re assigning? Are claim denials slowing down your revenue cycle? Then you need TruBridge Encoder.

Our flexible, intuitive encoder lets your team code at their own pace, with comprehensive references and resources backing every coding decision. The result? Faster workflows, increased efficiency and rock-solid coding results.

What TruBridge Encoder can do for you:

  • Reduce denials with robust coding resources and advice
  • Guide users to complete and proper code assignment
  • Improve your team’s skills and confidence with every code assignment
  • Increase regulatory compliance with real-time coding references and support
  • Save money with lower software license and support fees
  • Provide the industry’s best customer support around the clock
  • Encoder Cloud Edition
  • Encoder Essentials

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  • Robust references displayed at your fingertips
  • Relevant coding advice when you need it
  • Comprehensive edits that guide the way
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  • Flexible configuration
  • Shortcuts that simplify coding workflows
  • Dynamic reimbursement tools
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  • Low license fees often deliver significant savings
  • Comprehensive list of coding references included in license
  • Superior customer service

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Our Partners

AGS-Health Encoder Essentials is integrated into the CDI, CAC/CAPC, and Audit modules of the AGS AI Platform.

Dolbey Encoder Essentials is integrated into the Dolbey Fusion CACe solution.

Streamline-HealthEncoder Essentials integrates with Streamline Health’s Abstracting, Physician Query and the new eValuator solution.

RecordOneEncoder Essentials is integrated into the RecordsOne CDI, CAC and audit solutions.

iodineEncoder Essentials is integrated into the Iodine AwareCDI solution.