Alleviate the heavy operational demands you deal with daily, from compliance to claims to chasing down payments and more. When you maximize efficiency throughout your organization, you’ll see improved productivity everywhere, like at the doctor’s office, in the ED and in the business office.

The benefits of being more efficient and effective can be felt system-wide, enhancing both staff satisfaction and patient satisfaction. And in the end, greater efficiency allows you to focus on doing what you do best—deliver the ultimate in patient care.

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Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI)

Enhance quality of care AND reimbursements with the power of TruBridge consulting. Our professionals will help your organization identify oversights, engage and educate providers, and develop and implement improved documentation practices that assure accuracy and consistency going forward. Discover how one program can benefit and improve so many aspects of your organization.

Revenue Cycle Consulting

When resources are tight, maintaining cash flow is critical. We’ll work with you, applying our years of experience and deep expertise, to chart a course for improving efficiency throughout the revenue cycle that results in enhanced reimbursement. Benefit from a fresh perspective and a dedication to seeing your bottom line improve.

Reporting and Data Mining

Stop wasting valuable time searching for buried data. This software solution (part of our HFMA Peer Reviewed® Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) product) reports on every financial detail of both claims and remits. Then it lets you view the data multiple ways via 350+ standard reports, 200+ drill-down graphs and unlimited ad hoc reporting. Improve efficiency and productivity with data that works for you.

Deposit Bank Reconciliation

Simplify this routine task and save your staff time, again and again. Matching remits and deposits are automatically reconciled and any mismatches immediately flow into customized work queues for resolution. Improved efficiencies mean less time spent on tedious work and more time available for new initiatives.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Not every organization has the manpower or expertise necessary to wade through the sea of data you already possess. This solution turns your data into predictions, solutions and evidence-based decisions that you need to succeed. Customizable dashboards, visually appealing drill-down graphs and other filters make it easy to identify trends and quickly evaluate the performance of your organization. Then you’ll be operating your business with more intelligence.

Revenue Cycle Assessment

Find out what’s impacting your financial potential — and what to do about it — with this deep audit that results in an actionable plan you can put to work right away. This powerful and objective evaluation assesses all people, products and processes that impact your organization’s revenue cycle. Your problem areas will be revealed along with achievable next steps for strengthening your bottom line.