Early Out Service

Protect your revenue and reputation

Looking for a stronger collections process but concerned about unexpected costs, impersonal communications and confusing payment options?

Strengthen your cash position along with your reputation for compassionate care. With Early Out Service from TruBridge®, you can:

  • Remove barriers for payment
  • Decrease billing costs
  • Achieve 350% increase in online revenues
  • Free up your business office for other initiatives

Benefit from a personalized patient engagement suite, payment portal, monthly analytics and more with this vital service that’s part of our HFMA Peer Reviewed® Complete Business Office (CBO).

“Today’s patients are more likely to pay their bills if they can make payments how they want, when they want.”

– A Closer Look at Effective Early-Out Strategies, by Linda Glidewell, HFMA.org, How To | Patient Experience

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Increase your cash flow

30% average increase in your self-pay revenue stream. This comprehensive service provides patients with a unified experience and multiple payment opportunities throughout their financial journey. The more options they have to check their balances and make payments, the more likely they are to pay.

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Maintain your reputation

95% patient satisfaction. Empower patients to better understand their bills. Patients who do are far more likely to pay. Satisfied patients also improve the bottom line by staying loyal to your facility.

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Feel confident

0% risk. We’re not paid until you are, which means we’re always motivated to get results on your behalf.

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Early out live web chat

Collections improved between 3-7% (3%+). Now patients can reach us however they prefer – phone, text, email, chat – with the introduction of the Early Out Live Web Chat feature. Built to enhance an already powerful solution, our live web chat lets patients get answers to questions faster, which, in turn, means our clients strengthen their cash positions faster too.

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Walk through the experience to discover how our people, products and processes come together seamlessly to serve both you and your community.

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