A/R Recovery Work Down Service

Small amounts really do add up

Achieve your collections goals without overburdening your staff. Let our collections experts work your aging small balance co-pays and low-dollar insurance claims, handling all the time-consuming tasks to deliver results that truly add up.

With A/R Recovery Work Down Service from TruBridge®, you’ll benefit from solutions tailored to meet your exact needs, whether you’re looking to establish consistent cash flow or increase cash on hand to cover expenses. Plus, we don’t get paid until you do.

Discover how you can benefit from this service that’s part of our HFMA Peer Reviewed® Complete Business Office (CBO).

“TruBridge’s experience in the area of A/R recovery, along with their professional but aggressive project plan, enabled them to exceed the goal and therefore exceed our expectations.”

– Chris Goff, Managing Director of Corporate Finance and Restructuring, FTI Consulting

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Establish consistent cash flow

Don’t let occasional staff fluctuations or an EHR transition negatively impact your cash flow. Use A/R Recovery Work Down Service to get caught up on a backlog of old claims. Or let our experts take care of your “old” accounts while your staff focuses on learning and billing claims out of the new EHR system.

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Increase cash on hand to cover expenses

Quickly raise an influx of cash to pay off any outstanding expenses. A/R Recovery Work Down Service is a smart solution for financial institutions that are holding debt owed by a bankrupt or nearly insolvent hospital.

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Benefit from tailored solutions

Get your facility’s exact needs met with this customizable service. Engage A/R Recovery Work Down Service on a temporary or ongoing basis to address selectively identified accounts or accounts that fall into specific aging buckets.

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Big goal, even bigger results

See how an aggressive A/R collections goal of $25 million was met and surpassed during one organization’s restructuring. In fact, 50% of their goal was collected within the first 60 days.

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HFMA staff and volunteers determined that TruBridge’s Complete Business Office product has met specific criteria developed under the HFMA Peer Review Process.