Revolutionizing Revenue Cycle Management: TruBridge's Strategy of Great Employee Talent and AI

In a time of rapid technological advancement, healthcare practices are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance their day-to-day operations.

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As a leader in the healthcare technology landscape, we have strategically set our sights on harnessing the power of AI to improve outcomes in the revenue cycle. While healthcare providers grapple with the complexities of billing, coding, and claims processing, our focus on AI technology presents a promising avenue to alleviate the pain points plaguing these healthcare practices.

But we did not just stop there, we leveraged our talented employee base through our “people-first culture” brought together through Dream Factory Month to make it come to life.

In the Healthcare IT Today article below, you will hear from our General Manager, Patrick Murphy, on how we are seamlessly blending the power of great people with AI innovation to elevate revenue cycle pain points and avoid claims denials. This collaboration not only addresses longstanding challenges but also paves the way for a future leveraging a mixture of great people with AI to improve revenue cycle outcomes.

In this video, General Manager Pat Murphy describes how TruBridge benefits from its “people-first culture” and how it uses AI, particularly to avoid claims denials. Payer denials are increasing heavily, as many of us know from being patients. It doesn’t really matter whether the reasons are good or bad: Clinicians want to avoid denials.

When you hear about AI technologies, they seem like a perfect fit for revenue cycle and denials management. In this video, Murphy shares some ways that TruBridge’s AI tools are improving outcomes in revenue cycle. Plus, he shares how these tools can prevent denials up front rather than reconciling them on the back end which costs a lot more money.

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