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Benefit from 100% insight

Start seeing overdue payments come in faster and stop writing off unpaid claims, all without overwhelming your staff with busy work. With Insurance Follow-Up Service from TruBridge®, you can:

  • Speed overdue payments
  • Benefit from tailored solutions
  • Supplement your staff

Even better, we don’t get paid until you do.

Discover how you can profit from this service that’s part of our HFMA Peer Reviewed® Accounts Receivable Management Service (ARMS).

Are you ready to reduce your write-offs?

Is your facility writing off too many claims?

Reduce A/R days and generate more revenue with the accurate and timely Insurance Follow-Up Service.

Start seeing results with Insurance Follow-Up Service

Give your business office a break and enhance your company’s cash flow at the same time with this flexible service.

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Speed overdue payments

Accurate and timely insurance follow-up leads to reduced A/R days and enhanced cash flow. Count on this service to bring you years of experience paired with quick results. Stop writing off old, lower balance claims and get paid for every dollar of care you provide.

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Benefit from tailored solutions

Get help from TruBridge billing teams during staffing fluctuations; have them review claims that have aged out 30, 60, 90 or 120 days; or let them focus solely on resolving claims with a specific payor. Choose to use this service on a temporary or ongoing basis, in whatever capacity that works best for you.

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Supplement your staff

Experience a seamless extension of your business office. Using industry best practices, we’ll handle all of the time-consuming tasks—calling, refiling, reviewing the audit history, and more—to get your claims processed and paid.

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HFMA staff and volunteers determined that TruBridge’s Accounts Receivable Management Service has met specific criteria developed under the HFMA Peer Review Process.

Isn’t it time you had more payments come in faster?