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COVID-19 Toolkit

We have partnered with QliqSOFT to provide a free, user-friendly patient engagement application to help you safely and proactively engage with your community in response to COVID-19.



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This free telehealth solution enables virtual engagement and data sharing between providers and patients without risk of disease transmission.

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To everyone on the healthcare forefront: Thank you. We’ve got your back.

Today you are faced with an unprecedented challenge: To guard the financial health of your organization while your facility battles a healthcare crisis that evolves daily, even hourly. It’s not an easy task, nor is it risk free. But you do it anyway. Because your company, and your community, need you.

As you work tirelessly to adapt to this overwhelming situation, we are collaborating on helpful ways to care for you.

New solutions available, free of charge

During the COVID-19 outbreak, maintaining your company’s financial health along with the health of your staff is more important than ever. To that end, we are introducing two solutions that are free to all hospitals and community providers for the remainder of 2020.

The COVID-19 Toolkit offers proactive tools for providers and clinicians to safely engage with their communities. It includes a screening algorithm for assessments based on CDC guidelines and live-care escalation to an agent. Interested? Let’s get started.

Talk With Your Doc is an EHR-agnostic, HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution. Robust and user-friendly, it enables remote provider/patient communication, engagement and data-sharing without requiring EHR integration or dedicated IT resources. Be up and running in hours, not days. Learn more today.

Together they will help you protect the health and safety of your staff, manage the increase in patient volume and allow your facility to proactively provide healthcare services to your community during this time of social distancing.

During this national crisis, this telemedicine technology gives us excellent patient interaction while assuring the safety of both the caregivers and the patients.
– Dr. Aron Burke, Community Hospital, Fairfax, Missouri

TruBridge has 20+ years of experience helping healthcare organizations of all sizes overcome challenges and crises with revenue cycle management. So during COVID-19, we are well-prepared to listen first, then recommend appropriate strategies second. After all, it’s what over 1,000 healthcare organizations trust us to do, every day.

This is clearly a group effort. You’ve already stepped up, working around the clock to restore the health of your community and achieve a sense of financial stability. Now it’s our turn to help you.

TruBridge is our financial lifeline. I just don’t know where we’d be without them.
– Steve Burns, COO Cumberland County Hospital

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