Patient Engagement Technology Chosen by 2 Hospitals

Newly Acquired Patient Engagement Platform Will Help Proactively Manage the Health of Ill Patients

Mobile--July 09, 2019--

TruBridge LLC, a subsidiary of CPSI (NASDAQ: CPSI), a community healthcare solutions company, announced today that Franklin County Memorial Hospital in Meadville, Mississippi, and Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital Rural Health Clinic in Sweetwater, Texas, have both purchased the new TruBridge Chronic Care Management (CCM) Service. The TruBridge CCM Service was created to help providers improve the health outcomes of their chronically ill population while boosting their revenue.

The TruBridge CCM service will help clients and their providers set up and roll out a care management program. In addition, the TruBridge CCM Service will enroll patients in the program, and TruBridge-staffed care coordinators will actively engage with those patients through two-way messaging via a mobile app regarding their care plan.

“Engaging with patients outside the four walls of our clinic is key to helping improve their health,” said Grady Swann, chief information officer of Franklin County Memorial Hospital. “With TruBridge providing the ongoing support our patients need, we believe there is a much stronger likelihood that our patients will stay on top of their care plan.”

The day-to-day demands that providers experience are only increasing. The TruBridge CCM Service enables providers to be more efficient in providing care at the clinic while collaborating with TruBridge for those patients in the community that need oversight of their chronic care illness. The TruBridge CCM Service also streamlines the billing of the CCM program oversight and health data collection and analysis to ensure providers are also compensated for their efforts.

“Partnering with TruBridge to extend our ability to provide chronic care services and drive new revenue is a win-win for everyone,” said Edgar Branch, clinic administrator for Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital Rural Health Clinic. “The improved health outcomes of our chronically ill patients have real importance to all of us, and the financial health of our organization is just as critical to our future ability to meet the needs of our community.”

“We are eager to build on our partnership with Franklin County and Rolling Plains, as TruBridge takes this initial step toward helping providers transition to value-based care,” said Chris Fowler, president of TruBridge. “We expect wrapping our CCM Service around our recently acquired patient engagement platform from Get Real Health will be a valuable offering for both our current and future clients. Importantly, this platform will address the growing need to provide care management to patients with two or more chronic illnesses across the United States.”

The TruBridge CCM Service is expected to be widely available to hospitals of all sizes and their affiliated clinics later this year.

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