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TruBridge: Ranked #1 in End-to-End RCM Software and RCM Outsourcing Services from Black Book

For the second year in a row, Black Book Research has given TruBridge high marks in the category of hospitals under 100 beds, even surpassing our rankings from last year.

  • TruBridge Revenue Cycle Management software clients average a 97% first-pass clean claim rate, increasing the speed at which clients get paid
  • TruBridge RCM Outsourcing clients average a 37% increase in net self-pay cash collections, leading to more revenue
Peer Reviewd by HFMA

Discover how the TruBridge Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) product gained 100% favorability from a trusted source

According to the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s (HFMA) Pear Review, 100% of our RCM clients Agree or Strongly Agree that:

  • They would recommend it1
  • It’s easy to use 1
  • Implementation went smoothly 1
  • Technical support and sales staff are supportive 1

For years, HFMA’s Peer Review program has been objectively helping community hospitals like yours make smart choices when it comes to healthcare business solutions. The rigorous, 11-step process includes a Peer Review panel evaluation comprising current customers, prospects, and industry experts. The result is a meaningful third-party recommendation that only a few products receive.

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1 Healthcare Financial Management Association’s (HFMA) 2017 Peer Review

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TruBridge Ranks High According to Black Book Research

According to this valued research organization, TruBridge has been recognized as the number two provider for End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Software Technology and the number five provider for RCM Outsourcing Services for hospitals under 100 beds.